Return Material Authorization (RMA) procedure


Have you been in contact with HMS Technical Support? 

Before returning a faulty product to HMS please contact HMS technical support to see if they can resolve your issue. You can do so by selecting “Support” in the Portal. If Technical Support are unable to resolve your problem your support case will be transferred to an RMA case for further investigation.
If your product was damaged during transportation or miss any parts, you can register your RMA case directly.  

Returning a product to HMS  

The RMA procedure described below is for HMS direct customers only. If you purchased your product from one of our distributors, you need to contact the distributor and follow their product return procedure. 
If you want to make a return for commercial reasons (not quality related) or for an ordering error then please  Click here
To be able to handle your RMA case we need all case information in English. If you don’t speak English, please contact your local sales representative for assistance.  

Advance replacement 

If you are in urgent need of a replacement product, please mention this in the description field. You need to fill in the  Advanced Replacement Conditions document and attach it as a file in the RMA registration.  

HMS RMA portal User Guide 

For information on how to use the RMA section in the Portal please click on the link below to open the user guide:  
HMS RMA portal User Guide

Contact HMS 

In urgent situations, or if special shipping arrangements are required please contact HMS product returns department directly.  
Email:, Phone: +46 35 172999   
For more details regarding HMS product returns policy, warranty and costs involved, please  Click here.